Survivor of Abuse?

We live in an increasingly violent society, where pornography and media promote and trivialize violence against both men and women.

It is estimated that one in five women have experinced sexual abuse at some point in their lives. It is also estimated that every fourteen seconds a woman is assaulted in this country. The statistics are less clear for men as they are not as likely to report violent crimes, perhaps out of shame. However, men too suffer from abuse.  At times violence and abuse happen in the context of marriage, with both men and women in the roles of victim and perpetrator.

The truth is, abuse in it's many guises, sexual; emotional; financial; physical, or otherwise, leaves wounds and  scars upon the soul that without attention, result in a compromised life. The pain and suffering of those who have experienced an abusive relationship cannot be underestimated. Shame often becomes the silencing companion of those who have been abused, so that much needed help is never sought.

When counseling adult survivors of abuse it is my overarching goal to provide a safe and caring relationship . These are not simply words, but rather safety and caring must be felt by the client in a very real sense in order for change, acceptance and healing to take place. I strive to build an alliance between myself and my client where an absence of judgement prevails. It may take some time to form this type of relationship, as those who have been abused generally do not trust others easily.

Over time, as the survivor's story is told, the old lies become dislodged, truth begins to take hold, and the survivor begins to reclaim his or her life. It is my role and desire as a therapist to offer my own faith and hope when a client may feel at a loss in these areas .
I am trained in the use of EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, CRM - Comprehensive Resource Model, and IFS- Internal Family Systems, evidence based treatments for the resolution of trauma.

If you are an adult survivor of abuse and would like to explore your life within a safe and nurturing therapeutic relationship, I invite you to schedule an appointment:

Christine Livingston MA LMFT

Roseville; Telehealth