Parenting Issues?


Parenting can be a difficult proposition in the twenty first century. Often single parents are overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising children alone. Blended families present challenges that can be difficult to navigate while maintaining the integrity of the marital relationship. Young people are exposed to all manner of ideas and images through technology and peer relationships, thus being forced to mature at a rate that exceeds their mental and emotional development.

While I may not have all the answers, I have raised a daughter and been a member of a blended family both in my family of origin and in my marriage. I have also been a single parent, and I am aware of the challenges and pitfalls. Often, having an objective support system outside the immediate family provides parents with the insight and encouragement needed to persevere . As you strive to raise children that are healthy in spirit, soul, and body, I look forward to the opportunity to support you .

I utilize EFFT Emotionally Focused Family Therapy as an evidenced base modality to help families connect in deep and meaningful ways, resolve conflict, and appreciate one another as the bonds of relationship grow stronger.

I welcome your inquiries and invite you to call for a consultation.

Christine Livingston MA; LMFT

Roseville; Telehealth